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A Prairie Celtic Band

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A Prairie Celtic Band

When Saskatchewan was pioneered over a century ago, thousands of Celtic peoples moved west. They came from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and eastern Canada. They planted their cultural seeds in the prairie soil. Those seeds took root and grew into a new tradition. The Residuals are a part of that tradition: authentic, acoustic, and a hellava lot of fun.

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Guys, what a great show you’ve put on!

Simon Hiatt

Shaw TV

Enliven your party!

The Residuals stand ready to make your event memorable. Their large repertoire can accommodate a small gathering of friends to converse and think, or a huge party with hollering and dancing. They have years of experience playing at pubs, weddings, wakes, festivals, and concerts of every kind. Book them today!

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It’s said that the bulk of the world’s wealth is in the hands of .1% of the population. In relation to talent, so much could be said for the Residuals as well. How four very talented souls found each other and formed such a great band is beyond me. They all play multiple instruments, possess great vocal abilities and are really nice people on top of all that. The stage area resembles what a front window of a music store should look like, with every kind of instrument imaginable. And it seems as though, whomever gets up on stage first, gets to pick what they play, (don’t put your instrument down or someone else just might be playing it next song LOL.) Their selection of Celtic folk songs is endless as well as the sea of smiles and energy up on stage. It’s FUN from the very first note. They played three solid sets last night that seemed to breeze by, complete with loads of audience participation. There were times when all four members (Jeremy, Rob, Rick and Meaghan) were all singing and I swear, it sounded like a dozen people up there!

Cam Zoller