The Residuals

A Prairie Celtic Band


Are you booked for St. Patrick’s Day?

It’s worth checking to see! Check our calendar to see which dates we are booked.

Will I have to pay for a sound person?

For a small gathering, sound may not be necessary. For medium-sized gatherings that could fill a conference room, The Residuals come equipped with our own sound system and sound person (Rob). For larger auditoriums, you may want to pay for a sound person and equipment, though we can probably give you some recommendations.

Do you play at weddings?

Yes, and can provide music for service or reception.

Do you travel?

Most of us have a strong desire to visit new and fascinating places, but also hold lucrative day-jobs. We will happily travel in-province, but if you need us outside Saskatchewan, we will need a good offer!

Do you know that one song by the Irish Rovers?


Do you play any rebel songs?

The Residuals take a strong stance against violent fanaticism on all sides of The Troubles, political or religious. Requests for rebel songs, anti-Catholic songs or anti-Protestant songs will be met with a haphazard rendition of “Traditional Irish Folk Song” by Dennis Leary.